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Hello and welcome to Silver2Treasure. My name is Karen and together with my husband Steve I buy and sell quality Antique and Modern Silver.

I live in Devon England on the edge of Dartmoor and only a short drive from the South Devon Coast. I have been successfully trading Antique Silver online for over 15 years and have repeat customers around the world.

As well as my love for Silver I give my spare time to the EST (Elizabeth Svensden Trust for Donkeys and Special Needs Children) (a separate charity within the famous Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth). I have a Blog where I detail my activity at Karenfreemansworld where you can also read about my experiences with Police Puppy Walking

Our customers have told us over the years that whilst many are happy to trade on ebay a number are not. They have concerns with websites which ask high prices and have only a postage stamp picture and very brief description. They were concerned at having to use complicated and often frustrating shopping cart. These carts often required too much personal information and frequently lost the data input if you changed pages. Many told us they would prefer to pay for goods the old fashioned way by cheque.

In order to meet these needs my husband Steve has created this website.

The benefits you gain by shopping here are:

  • High quality customer service and returns policy.
  • Multiple high quality pictures with each listing
  • No complicated shopping cart – just email us using the form.
  • Each item personaly selected for price and quality.

We are not a remote impersonal website – just email us (the form below is on every listing) or give us a ring on 07907 972445, leave a message or even text  if you have any questions.

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About Silver2treasure