How To Clean Silver

How To Clean Silver

Here at Silver2treasure I frequently get asked how I clean our silver. I have created a short video to demonstrate our method of cleaning tarnished silver. The video will show what I use and how I do it.

I start the video at the kitchen sink (where else!) and I have gathered my rubber gloves, Soda crystal and aluminium plate and a bowl. Now the plate shown is one you can buy from a company called qwicksilver and works very well. Others have told me they also use aluminium kitchen foil but I have never tried this. The soda crystals can be found in any supermarket.

You place the aluminium plate into the bottom of your bowl and add someĀ  sodium carbonate soda crystals. I then add some boiling water to start the electrolytic process off. I then fill the bowl with hot water and then add some more soda crystals. You then place your silver item into the solution making sure the silver is touching the aluminium plate. In the video I point out some dangers with this process. Do not let wooden handles or finial gets wet and do not use this on anything with enamel. As the silver heats up in the water it will expand and if any enamel is loose it will fall off. Also wood and plastic can discolour in the solution.

Once you are happy most of the tarnish has come off I then wash the item in warm soapy water.

If it remains tarnished I then use a good quality silver polish such as Goddards to polish the item to a good shine.

This method works for the majority of silver items I buy to resell.

Now any silver polish will remove a minute amount of silver. Be careful around the hallmarks as you will reduce the value of your silver if these marks are rubbed away.

You can see the process unfold in the video below. I apologise for the slight hiss on the sound track.

Once your silver is clean all it will need is a quick wipe over every few months with a Goddards Silver Cleaning cloth which should keep the tarnish at bay. You can buy these at supermarkets and on line at Amazon or eBay.

goddards cleaning cloth

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Thank you for watching