Silver Pin Cushion

Silver Pin Cushion

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Silver Chick Pin Cushion Small London 1980


The Pin Cushion has served as a useful resource for the seamstress since the early 1300’s. At these times a metal pin was an expensive luxury so they had to be kept safe and secure. To do this various designs of containers or pouches were seen. Ancient Folklore has it that the humble Tomato would bring prosperity to a household so it is no surprise that fabric early designs featured the tomato.

It was not long before the humble pin cushion became more elaborate and mounted in other popular shapes. It is from the 1800’s onward that we see precious metal and in particular Silver being used as a basis for the mounts of desirable pin cushions. Common objects and animals became favourite shapes and today’s collector of antique silver pin cushions have the same passions as the original owners. Hedgehogs, Elephants,Ornate shoes and many more designs can be found, purchased and collected today.

Updated 27/07/2017

Silver hedgehog Pin Cushion Birmingham 1905 Levi & Salaman Price £399

Antique Silver Camel Pin Cushion Birmingham 1906 Adie & Lovekin Ltd Price £664 

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