Due to retirement in 2017 we are no longer buying silver items for resale

If you are searching the internet for the following terms we may be able to help you.

Where to sell Silver?
Best place to sell silver?
Cash for Silver?
Price of Silver?
Silver Prices?

Here at Silver2treasure we buy hundreds of quality silver items to resell every year. We do buy from private individuals as well as from auctions.

  • There are benefits for┬áthe private seller to consider such as cutting out the middle man and selling to us direct.
  • Most obvious is the fact you do not have to pay a sellers commission when we buy from you.
  • You can be paid by cash or bank transfer instantly and no long delays waiting for a cheque in the post.
  • You get an instant decision. You chose to sell or not – no heavy pressure from us to sell.
  • Providing you live in Devon and Cornwall we will travel to your home, inspect the item and give you our honest appraisal.

If you would like to discuss this service further please complete the contact form below and we will be in touch.